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Big Lottery proposals & ACVO

Frank Doran MP mentioned at the AB+ information and networking night the opportunity for more Aberdeen organisations to submit proposals to the Big Lottery and other funders and the need for expertise to be invested in the preparation of those proposals.

As highlighted to Frank, the unit that Alison Chandler leads at ACVO is funded by the Scottish Government to provide a comprehensive funding and business planning support services to all third sector organisations – charities, community groups, social enterprises, voluntary organisations – working or based in Aberdeen and this includes support with Lottery and other applications.

Please visit and explore what we have to offer or to contact me on 01224 686051 or

Constitution News (July 26th)

We’re pleased to announce that we have ACVO‘s Sandy Mathers helping us to create & shape our constitution. There are several options being discussed & considered in order to create the best possible platform for AB+ to function as an organisation to support the Creative Sectors in the North East of Scotland.

The content is based on the findings from the January 2012 conference – with extra information from the 2nd AB+ survey + consultation events, the most recent being July 24th with an initial invited group.

We will be running more workshops / discussions in order to help shape the constitution, so if you would like to be part of that discussion, please do email us : or just take 5 minutes to send us your thoughts via the survey :

We would like to hear from as many cultural providers & consumers as possible, so please do share this link. Lets all make AB+ the best it can be, for everyone involved in the Creative Sectors in the North East of Scotland.

AB+ (Aberdeen Positive)

Quick Update (July 2012)

Just to let everyone know that the AB+ Steering Committee now has Louise Baxter as the Chair. A recent (second) survey has been sent out to everyone on the AB+ mailing list (If you wish to join the mailing list, please sign up via : ) – The survey has been created to explore the change in expectations & outcomes of AB+ since the conference in January 2012. We will also be holding several networking events & information gathering exercises from the creative community and interested parties. If you would like to be involved – or have anything you’d like us to consider, please email us or join the mailing list.