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Come See Who’s Doing What, Where, When and Why in the North East

Our next event is being held on Tuesday 1 July at 7pm at ACT Aberdeen.
We have a fantastic line up of people ready to tell you what they are up to including;

  • Aberdeen Film Festival
  • Aberdeen Art Gallery
  • Aberdeen Festivals Collective
  • Artist Stephanie Vandem
  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Breathless Breastless
  • Scottish Artists Union
  • Pushing the Boat Out Magazine
  • VisitAberdeen.

That’s a lot of presentations but don’t worry each presentation will last no more than 5 minutes leaving you plenty of time to network with fellow AB+ members and enjoy a complimentary drink.

Drop us an e-mail to to let us know you are coming. We will start at 7pm and finish by approximately 9pm.

Don’t forget new members are always welcome to our events which are free thanks to support from Aberdeen City Council’s Cultural Fund so please do spread the word!


We are delighted to announce the dates for the next three AB+ events which build on the success of our ‘Cultural Conversation’ series. In order to ‘increase the volume’ of cultural activity in the North East we want to put on events that will put our members in contact with as many relevant people as possible. So first things first, the dates are as follows:

TUESDAY 1 JULY 2014: Who, What, Where, Why, When, ACT Aberdeen, 7pm to 9pm.
This event will give members the opportunity to pitch their project to fellow AB+ members. All you need to do is have a new idea or project that you can talk about for 3-5 minutes and then its up to you how you continue the conversation with the audience. Are you looking for project partners, a venue, advice on getting your event or work noticed in the North East or maybe you are a new member and just want to introduce yourself in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The floor is yours – if you fancy making a short presentation please do let us know as soon as possible – just send an e-mail to and we will be in touch with all the relevant details.

THURSDAY 25 SEPTEMBER: Networking with the Networks. Evening event at location to be confirmed.
There are so many local and national networks in business, arts and other sectors where do you start when time is limited? This event will take the form of a network fair with invited speakers and networking opportunities to allow members to explore the values of existing networks.

THURSDAY 20 NOVEMBER: Finding the Funds. Time and location to be confirmed.
We know that finding and securing funding is an on-going issue that needs on-going input and creative thinking. We will invite a national funder to open the debate on finding the right funds for your project or organisation. We will also look at opportunities for business development, European Funding and partnerships with other sectors.

Our events are currently free thanks to continued support from Aberdeen City Council’s Cultural Fund. New members are always welcome so please do pass this information on to anyone who is working in the cultural scene in the North East. The last round of Cultural Conversations attracted over 250 members, there’s plenty of room for more.

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