A Positive Step Forward…

Welcome to the first ‘post summer’ ABpositive newsletter. While we are aware that is has been a little while since we promoted any events and activities, we haven’t just been enjoying the summer and early autumn sunshine….we promise.

The ABpositive committee have been taking a little time to have a closer look at what we can deliver (with the resources available to us) that compliments the increased level of creative and artistic activity in the city. More exhibitions, shows, festivals and training events mean a bigger commitment of peoples time…and ABpositive doesn’t wish to add to that unnecessarily.

After much chat we have come to the conclusion that we do have an important role to play as part of it all – but with more focus on sharing, collaboration, meeting, chatting and networking. We have decided on a monthly Who, What, When, Why & Where event in the hope that people will want to share what they are doing, and others will want to come and hear what’s happening across the city and ‘shire

Who, What, When, Why & Where….

The format will be much the same as before with registration and refreshments between 6.30pm-7pm. From 7pm-8pm we will host up to 10 x 5 minute presentations along the general theme of Who, What, When, Why and Where artistic things are happening. We welcome people to come and talk about their practice, an upcoming event or exhibition, an idea they need help with, or just about themselves – for five minutes. Anyone interested in the cultural life of the North-East can get in touch and sign up to present at any of the sessions, and we encourage as many of you as possible to do so – it won’t work without you!

One change to the format will be that, on occasion, we will invite someone to talk for a bit longer about a specific topic that people have expressed an interest in – funding, city wide initiatives, cultural planning, training opportunities…..ideas for subjects and of potential speakers are very welcome.

From the end of the presentations until 9pm there will be more networking time and the opportunity to follow up with the presenters (after that it’s off to the pub…).

Please support – come and talk, listen, and create a wider network of creatives in the city making connections.

Call out for people to present at the first, and any other of the events. Get in touch at aberdeen.positive@gmail.com. Presentations can be as fancy or as simple as you like…

WWWW&W Event Dates & Venues

Monday 31st October 2016 – ACT Aberdeen, King Street
Monday 28th November 2016 – ACT Aberdeen, King Street
Tuesday 24th January 2017 – O’Neils Bar, Back Wynd, Aberdeen (tbc)
Monday 20th February 2017 – ACT Aberdeen, King Street,
Monday 27th March 2017 – The Studio at HMT Aberdeen (access via theatre carpark to rear)
Monday 24th April 2017 – AGM at ACT Aberdeen 6pm-6.30pm followed by event
Tuesday 30th May 2017 – Woodend Barn, Banchory (tbc)
Monday 26th June 2017 – ACT Aberdeen, King Street
Monday 24th July 2017 – Kings Campus, University of Aberdeen

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