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AB+ Seasonal Update, 2018



AB+ Tell Us Your Stories

Stories – First Round, Requested By: Saturday, 31st March

All responses, questions and ideas to:

AB+ will be raising awareness and showcasing examples of personal experiences of those who live in or have taken part in creative activities in Aberdeen.

Based on some of the conversations we have had with members and with those in the city’s communities, this could be anything from… a drama workshop, a painting class at the local community centre, a writing group, taking part in a photography contest and more.

Anything and everything that you, a member of a group, a friend, family member or anyone that you know of has had the chance to take part in – let us know!

The chance to express and create is always something worth celebrating.

This gives us the chance to highlight those positive experiences – but also to consider what challenges and barriers are still in place, when and where they are.

The success of this depends on you – our members telling us about them, and together we can achieve something meaningful for all.

Let us know, Tell Us Your Story.

Opening The Way Through – Art and Wellbeing

Taking place on: Thursday, 1st March, Aberdeen Arts Centre, from 6:30[,

‘After 16 month’s absence I am delighted to be back at ACVO and back at AB+, but also to invite you to Opening The Way Through project. This art and wellbeing project is led by a small voluntary group who persuaded me into using the art I produced on my way through cancer as the bases for a touring exhibition. Short film, photographic book, interactive website, SHMU radio show, creative writing workshop and more. It has been funded by individuals and corporate donations, and aims to create business for local Social Enterprises, SMEs and disadvantaged young entrepreneurs. I wold love to see you there’.

Please RSVP to:


Getting Hotter‘ – Quids In Pop-Up Picnic

Taking place on: Saturday, 24th March, Belmont Cinema Cafe, from 1:30pm

‘A Pop-Up Picnic performance of Getting Hotter by Annie James, as part of Aberdeen Climate Action.

The tale of the Super-Hero Joules who finds the world in danger from Global Warming. Can he help Major Earth defeat Greenhouse Gas Man and save the world?’

Suitable for families and children aged around 10+

Tickets from: £10 (with drink) for Adults, £1 for Children under 16.

Tickets available from or At The Door.

ACVO – Affiliate Network Lunch

Taking place on: Tuesday, March 27th, Aberdeen Arts Centre 12:30 – 2:30pm

The ACVO Affiliate Network Lunch will have a greater focus on Creativity, Arts and Culture and so would like to extend an invitation to all who are active in these sectors throughout Aberdeen.

Also, including Private / Commercial and Third / Voluntary Sector.

The event will also feature a presentation from George Mackenney, as Director of Aberdeen Arts Centre.

RSVP and any questions can be sent to:

More information available on Affiliates Scheem at:

Call to MembersEvents, News and Updates

We would also like to invite any and all members who have a current or future project or update that they would like to share to get in contact!

There are ongoing newsletters and updates that can be shared with members, which include the chance to promote and features your news and events.

Get in touch, and let us know: