AB+ Seasonal Update – June, 2018

Culture Aberdeen – Cultural Strategy

Cultural Strategy 2018 – 2028: Launched 14th June, 2018

AB+ has been a key partner in the development of Aberdeen’s Cultural Strategy.

The priorities and views brought forward from members continue to be instrumental in its development and implementation.

Available at: https://goo.gl/zvVXrz

We will always be a voice that speaks up, shouts out and seeks support for performers, practitioners, participants and our communities throughout the city.

Very well done and thank you to all who have been, and will be part of strengthening and promoting culture, creativity and the arts – with us, and for all!

‘One Day’ – Aberdeen Youth Arts Strategy

Taking place on: 21st June, 2018

Young people throughout Aberdeen are being invited to share what they think and would like to see for the future of creativity, culture and arts in the city.

We would like to encourage our members, associated and those interested to spread this message and to take part as widely as possible.

Be part of ensurigh that the views or our young people can come through as strongly and broadly as possible.

#OneDay #UseYourVoice #MyVoice

Available at: https://goo.gl/pX8cHg

Survey Participation: https://goo.gl/KH6npV

AB+ Tell Us Your Stories

We are extending the call until: August, 2018

AB+ will be raising awareness and showcasing examples of personal experiences of those who live in or have taken part in creative activities in Aberdeen.

This could be anything from… a drama workshop, a painting class at the local community centre, a writing group, taking part in a photography contest and more.

Anything and everything that you can think of – let us know!

The chance to express and create is always worth celebrating.

All responses, questions and ideas to: 

‘Let us know, Tell Us Your Story’.

AB+ Summer Meeting and AGM

The AB+ Summer Meeting and AGM will be looking to take place in the coming season!

All members, associates and everyone who has interest in the focus of AB+ and in the future of culture, creativity and arts in the city will be very welcome to attend.

Dates to be announced, in future update.

Call to Members – Events, News and Updates

As always, you are welcome to share with us your news, updates and events.

Get in touch, and let us know: aberdeen.positive@gmail.com

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