Getting Involved

AB+ supports and brings forward the views and priorities of Aberdeen’s communities toward creativity, culture and artistic activities and development in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland.

From public events and workshops, networking events, newsletters, consulting on developments in the city, creating key points of contact, identifying areas of support for members and more.

If you would like to learn more or to consider becoming a member of AB+, you can contact click on the contact page here.

Your support means a great deal and it is currently completely free to join and to take part in events and activities with AB+.

We engage with a broad range of partners, organisations, agencies and other groups toward achieving this and making sure that, including:

– Culture Aberdeen Group
– Community Planning Aberdeen
– Local Creative, Art and Creative Groups
– Individual performers and practicioners
– Community Groups
– Universities and Colleges
– Aberdeen City Council
– Creative Scotland

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  1. […] a reminder about the sign up for membership to AB+ is still open. If you want to vote at the AGM (23rd May) on subjects etc, you’ll need to […]

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